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Pictured: Adrien in one of his many anxious moods

Adrien McLain-

A very nervous trans boy that can talk to ghosts. Although plagued by his social ineptitude and anxiety, he still tries his best to fit into his social circle. 





Geoff does not remember how he died. His current theory is that he was DB Cooper.

Geoff and Mathieu- 

Adrien’s two ghost friends. Mathieu (despite being the ghost of a 13 year old) is the responsible and supportive one. Geoff is chaotic neutral.





He's also a terrible boy who wears hoodies in the summer. Michael Fischer-

 A loud, adventurous teen who indulges almost any impulse that crosses his mind. Also an expert weaver of tall tales. 






Jeffco Wrestlechamp 2010Kenneth Marlowe-

A short-spoken boy. Holds the record for fastest playthrough of Super Mario Sunshine in all of North America. 






What a nice and beautiful manThomas Fitzgerald-

A camp counselor who couldn’t possibly be more excited to be there. Uses any possible excuse to start playing his guitar. 






Jess Donovan-

Rule-oriented, responsible, and tacit are all good words to describe Jess. Usually keeps a handle on Thomas’s more idealistic tendencies. 





Nathan Jacobs-

Thomas and Jess’s long-time pal and Air Force veteran. Has dual citizenship in Canada and the US. 






Robert Taysach-

The stern and authoritarian security guard of a secret research facility. 







Taysach’s spineless technical assistant. Lives a life full of regret. 

Katrina Mendez-

A budding trans girl photographer visiting from California for the summer, she has a passing interest in parapsychology AND Colorado history. 

Alex Pierson-

Rough, tough, and has a story behind every injury. Don't ask her how she lost the tooth.